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World Changer: Aisha Arias

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Aisha Arias is a proud alumnus of Florida International University who graduated in the summer 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She worked in the field until December 2018, when she quit her job in order to respond to the call of God on her life.

Before starting her freshman year at FIU, she had been an active member of her high school’s Bible Club and was eager to find Christian community at FIU. Both of her parents had participated in InterVarsity in Chile (known as GBU) and then in the US when they moved to Miami. She had grown up with college students coming to her home and was excited to be part of InterVarsity once she arrived at FIU. However, once she began looking, she found out that the chapter had been dead for 8 years. Aisha longed for the community she saw her parents have when they were a part of InterVarsity so she took up the challenge to be on the InterVarsity planting team at FIU as an incoming freshman.

The work of replanting was not easy, but it grew in her a heart of reaching her friends and campus for Christ. With time, she had made great friends who weren’t just co-laborers in the mission but also friends to share the joys and brokenness she experienced within and around her. Friends that she still is able to talk and pray with to this day!

"I’m so grateful for InterVarsity and all the ways it provided opportunities to grow in my leadership and walk with Christ" - Aisha

Once she graduated, the InterVarsity staff at FIU had transitioned out and the students were handling all the work on campus amongst themselves. Even though Aisha was working a full-time job, she felt called to continue to serve the InterVarsity chapter at FIU through volunteering.

"Although I could only give a couple of hours a week, it was exciting to be giving back to an organization that had offered much to me" - Aisha

After working for a year and half, Aisha was not feeling satisfied in her job as an accountant and wondered if maybe God had something more for her.

"I was in a good paying job and was learning a lot at the company about who I am, I felt that the Lord had other plans for me. So I quit my job and went to Urbana 2018 (InterVarsity’s missions conference) in order to network with different mission organizations and learn from the speakers." - Aisha

It was there that she felt led to explore what God is doing in Chile, and after taking a trip in February to discern more and witness for herself, it became clear that God is calling her to serve college students in GBU Chile with InterVarsity Link! From Aisha's story, I see that being a world changer begins with saying yes to the small things, and through time, God increases small steps of obedience to big steps of obedience, like quitting a job. In Aisha saying yes as a freshman, FIU has changed, in Aisha saying yes now, I believe God will bring transformation in Chile.

"So much has happened in so little time but I am beyond grateful for the ways God used the work of InterVarsity to guide me and prepare me for these next years in Chile. I’m grateful for each student, staff, and conference that challenged me to see the “harvest field” around me so that I would be ready when the Lord said, “Go”!" - Aisha

For more information on what Aisha is doing with InterVarsity Link, please see the video below. If you'd like to partner with Aisha, please email her at aisha.arias@intervaristy.org or visit givetoiv.org/aisha

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