• Leah Bostelaar

Underserved Geographies Training

"Longing for revival, we catalyze movements that call every corner of

every campus to follow Jesus"

InterVarsity 2030 Calling

Over the next 12 years, InterVarsity has a goal to see a witnessing community on every campus in the nation, that is 2,500 campuses! While we are excited and onboard with that goal, I have felt unsure about how to see that happen in South Florida. My staff team is small, with only four part time staff, and no full time staff, how will we ever see a witnessing community on all 30 campuses in South Florida?

Thankfully, InterVarsity nationally has wondered the same question for areas across the country that have been traditionally difficult to reach or just don't have the staff and resources in place to accomplish the goal. So the Underserved Geographies Program was launched! This program provides training, coaching and money to staff directing a geography that has been difficult to reach; which is exactly what South Florida has needed.

Fourteen geography leaders applied, and South Florida was one of seven chosen! I sense the favor of God in being selected, and even more so because the program leaders chose Miami as the location for the first training! It was an incredible gift to our area to have 30 Intervarsity staff from across the nation come to Miami to pray, receive training and visit local campuses.

As we spread out across Miami Dade county to connect with Volunteers, Faculty and students on campus, there were divine encounters and volunteers received training on how to lead evangelism on campus. At the University of Miami, a volunteer met a student from Alabama who felt called to start something on his campus back home, and it just so happened that Alabama is another geography apart of the training, so the staff director was able to call the student that day to follow up!

It was a privilege to host this group of staff in Miami, and I am also grateful for the favor God has show us in South Florida, and to me personally. Having just come back from maternity leave, this training was a great way to jump back into ministry!

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