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Our Growing Team

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

This has been an exciting year of growth for us! Before I went on maternity leave, our Area team meetings were small, just a staff team of four. But now, our dynamics have changed to include volunteers, and in addition to appointing two new staff, we have a team of 15! Not to mention that three members of the staff team had babies (that's including me!). Its a completely different team!

Last year, we felt compelled to grow in equipping volunteers to join us in ministry on campus which has produced a lot of fruit. While we are still learning how best to do this, we are so grateful to have alumni, faculty and even folks just looking to serve, commit to ministering to students alongside us. We think this is connected to the invitation God gave us last year to long for revival in our area.

We believe that Jesus invites us all to participate in ministry, and while some of us are called into full time ministry, we have learned that even those who work a job full time, have the desire to minister and are looking for ways to learn how to make disciples. We have welcomed those who are hungry to grow and we are learning how to train not only staff and students, but volunteers. Kurt has been focusing on how best to equip volunteers and over the past two months, has been developing resources for this very purpose.

Last week, we gathered as an area team (staff and volunteers) to study Luke 3-4 and examine what preceded the revival that Jesus brought as he began his ministry. We saw themes of repentance, justice, prayer, humility, weakness, dependence on scripture and being led by the Spirit. As a team we decided to follow Jesus' leading and fast for 40 days. Each of us chose something to fast from, but we all decided to fast from September 22nd to October 31st, in hopes that we would grow in dependence on God and see revival in our land.

Gathering to pray and plan for our area.
South Florida Area Team in Prayer

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