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Laborers for the South Florida Harvest Field

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

What a year! After praying and working to find new staff for over three years, God has sent two new people to join our team the year I went on maternity leave. It is a reminder to me that we cannot control ministry, we can hardly even provide for our own needs. This is something God does for us, in the time he wants to do it. Check out our new staff hires below!

Lindsey Foncham

Lindsey is an alumnus of University of West Florida and a native of Miami. After becoming a Christian her freshman year of college, she quickly stepped into leadership. The chapter was small at UWF but after she took small risks and starting gathering other students to join her, the chapter grew to over 50 when she graduated. She is an evangelist and full of energy and passion to see college students know Jesus.

She felt called to join IV staff ever since but has hesitated due to requirement of fundraising. Over the years Lindsey has stayed connected to IV as a volunteer and last year decided to take the risk to join IV as a staff, even though it has meant raising support. When her process of fundraising is complete, she will minister at Florida Memorial University. Check out what God has been doing there!

Amanda Raghunandan

Amanda is an alumnus of the University of Miami and a native of Miami, FL. She started out at Miami Dade College then transferred to UM to complete her degree, which is where she connected with Intervarsity. During her time at UM, she led small groups and planned events and outreaches. When she graduated in 2012, she wanted to join IV staff but did not have support from her family so she entered the workforce.

In the spring of 2019, Amanda reached out to us, looking to volunteer because she had continued to have a heart to reach students at UM. Over the course of five months, it became clear that Amanda might not be called just to volunteer but to give her time fully to ministering to students at UM. We hired Amanda in September of 2019 and she has jumped into the fundraising process with high energy and enthusiasm.

Through these new hires I see God's provision; over the past three years I had been praying for God to send laborers into the harvest field. I have prayed specifically for staff who are South Florida natives because in such a transient and culturally unique place like South Florida, I know that people from here are the best people to reach the city. Lindsey and Amanda are testimonies to God's love and faithfulness to South Florida and I'm so thankful to welcome them to the team!

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