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Jesus is moving at FMU

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

In April of 2019, a student at Florida Memorial University passed away unexpectedly on campus due to health complications. The campus community was shaken by this tragedy and lamented the loss of his life. FMU has its roots in Christian faith and while Sunday services exist on campus, faculty and administration were heart-broken by the loss of this student and longed for more spaces and resources for students to engage with Jesus and hear the gospel. They reached out to us in InterVarsity, asking for us to come and share our resources with them.

Our team has felt so honored that a group of faculty and campus staff would invite us to serve their students in this way, and we have mourned with them over the circumstances of the situation. Together, we are longing for students to come to know Jesus and experience the fullness of life that only he can provide. All summer, God has been moving pieces into place to see a group of faculty, staff, and students organized to launch a small group for the fall semester.

The first night that the small group gathered in the beginning of September, they studied Luke 15, the story of a wayward son who left his father's house in search of a good time. This son hit rock bottom and eventually returned to his father; and to his surprise the father fully embraced his son and threw him a welcome home party. Jesus tells this story to help us understand what God is like, that no matter what we do, God will always welcome us when we come to him. In the small group, Alexis (IV Staff) made an invitation for those who want to come to God like the wayward son, and two students stood up to receive Jesus as Lord!

These two students have been faithfully attending the small group each week, in addition to several others, and are so hungry to grow and learn. The type of hunger we are seeing in them is unique, and makes it clear to us that God is at work at FMU, nudging the hearts of students and faculty. We have a great year ahead! Please pray for faculty, administrators, students and InterVarsity staff for protection as we get behind Jesus and partner with him at FMU.

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