On today’s campus, students are bombarded with spiritual and moral options. There was a time when it was assumed that learning to know God was an essential part of a liberal arts education. But today college students accumulate knowledge without wisdom, skills without purpose, and ideas without Truth.

Too often on the university campus, God is ignored and those who seek a relationship with Him are mocked. Students are regularly taught that following Jesus diminishes their ability to think. The education that ought to bring spiritual development actually leads most students away from the Christian faith.

Only 20% of the high school students who grow up in churches will still be actively involved in the Christian faith at the age of thirty. Students with little or no faith background will continue to pursue a life apart from God.


There are more than 21,000,000 students studying in American Universities... More than 250,000 in South Florida.


Only 1% of the faculty at elite universities describe themselves as Christians. More than half of all professors believe that the Bible is a book of fables and say they have “unfavorable” feelings toward evangelicals.

Approximately a quarter of those teaching college students regard themselves as either atheistic or agnostic.


Just 1% of the world’s population receives a college education.

Students, parents, and faculty hold high hopes for a college

education. They make huge investments of time and money because the college years are a critical period of preparation for the future. During those years students make choices that will shape the rest of their lives and sometimes their eternal destinies. Their decisions affect not only their own lives, but also potentially affect our society.


In the future, today’s students will shape healthcare, business, church, family life, politics, culture, and more. Imagine the potential if during college young men and women develop both technical skills and the wisdom to make good moral choices.


Imagine how students transformed by God in college might be used to change the world. Imagine the life-long service that might result if students learn to love the Truth in college and carry biblical values and their love for Jesus into the work place. South Florida would be a different place, our world would be different; for the better!