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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship exists on college campuses because students have needs.  The college campus environment assumes that God is irrelevant yet produces a tremendous amount of social pressure to conform.  These factors discourage spiritual development and often result in students abandoning their faith.  Students need to hear the truth; they need to be embraced by a loving community; and they need to be inspired to reach for more than academic success. InterVarsity in South Florida exists to give every student on every campus the chance to respond to the life-changing love of God.


With over 250,000 students on over 30 campuses, we have our work cut out for us! By expanding our staff team and empowering students, we hope to reach more students on more campuses.

Will you join us in impacting college students?


We are a part of a multinational, multiethnic, Jesus-centered movement serving college students across the globe. Whether you are a student looking for a community or bible study, a part of a church, interested in volunteering or partnering financially, there is a way for you get involved with what God is doing on campuses in South Florida.